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Siemens Medical Imaging Service Contract

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Before You Sign a New Siemens Service Contract

Medical imaging equipment is one of the largest investments made in healthcare technology management. Imaging directors at hospitals and clinics across the country are faced with some tough questions when a manufacturer’s service contract ends:

  • Is negotiating a new service contract the right decision?
  • What can you do when a medical imaging system reaches end of life?
  • Can you train in-house talent to maintain your imaging equipment?

What you don’t know could cost you …

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Get honest answers and insights from two industry veterans, including a former imaging director and a former Siemens field service engineer. Don’t make decisions about the future of your Siemens medical imaging equipment without reading this free e-book from Technical Prospects.

Ken Hable, MD, BSRT
“Siemens had always wanted you to keep a system for 20 years, because that spoke to the quality of the equipment and a strong return on investment. What they realized is, the world doesn’t want that anymore, they want the new and flashy thing.”

Chris Watson, Medical Imaging Engineer
“As Siemens and other manufacturers of medical imaging equipment have changed the way they do business, they’re trying to become more efficient by having fewer people do more work. Unfortunately, this means response time for service calls is getting worse. So, your scanner might be down a lot longer than it has been in the past.”