Our Training Team

Siemens experts at every level

Meet our training team

Our instructors have real-world experience with Siemens medical imaging equipment. They’ve seen, and solved, nearly any challenge you can imagine. They bring that experience to a hands-on (50 to 70%) classroom experience. Learning is intense within these 6-person class sizes (teams of 2-3 while working on each piece of equipment).

Joseph Sam
Imaging Support Engineer/Trainer

Joseph Sam is an Imaging Engineer with 15 years of field service and support experience in the Diagnostic Imaging industry. With a background in United States Navy electronics, his attention to detail is evident. He specializes in Siemens MRI/CT with extensive knowledge in multivendor systems as well. Joe has provided onsite service and support for customers throughout the United States. Throughout his career, he has provided colleagues with on the job training and system support.

The facility

Our world-class Training Center offers 16 clinical setting training and QA bays with 32 fully operational systems for hands-on labs, two modern private classrooms, and a full cafeteria/kitchen area.

All of the equipment in our training and QA bays is Siemens medical imaging equipment because Siemens is our focus and specialty.