Training for Angiography/Catheterization Equipment

Siemens expertise doesn’t have to come from Siemens

Tired of calling the OEM for service? Technical Prospects’ servicing courses provide you with the knowledge to service the equipment yourself. These extensive lab-based courses cover three major system platforms: the Artis Zee, digital-based Artis dFC, and analog-based Artis FA systems. Get hands-on experience to support your entire lineup of Artis systems.For the safety of students, a prerequisite includes some knowledge of radiation production, which could include the Technical Prospects online X-ray training course.

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2019 Angio/Cath Courses

New for 2019

We are offering all Angio/Cath courses available on custom dates when your organization commits 3 or more students to the course. Contact us to set-up your custom course today!