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At Technical Prospects, we have your back, any time of day, every day of the year. Our team of former Siemens engineers will help troubleshoot and diagnose any problem you’re having and get you the right part to fix your equipment as soon as possible.

Although we include specific instructions with every part, we’re available to help with installation, calibration, or any issues you encounter once your part arrives.

Call us at 877-604-6583. We’re here to help.

Sam Darweesh

Sam Darweesh – National Engineering Lead/Chairman of Engineering

Sam Darweesh is an experienced CT and MRI Senior Engineer/Subject Matter Expert. He has been in the medical imaging industry for 20+ years working with industry leading CT and MRI manufacturers as well as major independent service organizations (ISOs) worldwide. Sam has extensive experience working in all aspects of the medical imaging industry including CT and MRI field engineering and level III lead technical support. He dedicated his time providing expert recommendations to his team of engineers in North and South America and was also responsible for major strategic projects on CT and MRI systems worldwide. Sam is an adjunct Professor of Medical Imaging providing focus on design and functional performance of medical equipment as well as consistent image quality. Sam earned a bachelor’s degree of electrical engineering and a master’s degree from the University of Texas.

Joseph Sam – National Technical Support Engineer

Joseph Sam is an Imaging Engineer with 15 years of field service and support experience in the diagnostic imaging industry. With a background in United States Navy electronics, his attention to detail is evident. He specializes in Siemens MRI/CT with extensive knowledge in multi-vendor systems as well. Joe has provided onsite service and support for customers throughout the U.S. Throughout his career, he has provided colleagues with on the job training and system support.

Mike Larson – National Technical Support Engineer

Mike is the portable X-Ray & mobile C-Arm trainer at Technical Prospects. Mike began his career with Siemens in December 1988. After three years as a Field Service Engineer he joined the National Installation Team. During his ten years on the installation team, he installed every X-Ray and R/F system in the catalog. He also worked on Angio/Cath and CT installations. In 2002 Mike left Siemens as a Level 4 Engineer. He performed multi-vendor service for the ten years following his career at Siemens. Mike joined the Technical Prospects team in 2013.

Richard Houska – National Technical Support Engineer

Richard Houska brings a rich background in Medical Imaging diagnostics and troubleshooting to Technical Prospects with over 30 years in the industry.  Having worked for Philips, Siemens, and Canon, he has serviced medical modalities such as Cath/Angio/Specials Labs, Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Labs, CT Scanners, Nuclear Medicine SPECT/CT Labs, Ultrasound Units, and Mammography.  He started out his career as a programmer and is well versed in Workstations and Network solutions.  His career has taken him throughout the United States, so he has a deep appreciation for this country and its diversity.  Beyond his career, Richard enjoys leather carving, wood working, sci-fi movies, special effects, music, and the performing arts.