Our Support Team

You need someone like this on your side

Our support staff is loaded with former Siemens engineers providing insight you can’t find anywhere else. These experts have experienced the easiest and the most frustrating issues up close and personal. They’ll share what they know, injecting confidence into your everyday routine.

Meet our team

Kevin Brinkman – Senior Director of Engineering

Kevin serves as an expert in Siemens Medical Imaging parts and equipment as he works to lead product repairs and quality-assurance testing while also managing Technical Prospects’ dedicated team of engineers. Kevin received a degree in electronic engineering technology from Fox Valley Technical College in 2002, and completed Initiative One Leadership Transformation Process coursework and Dale Carnegie Strictly Business classes.


Joseph Sam – Imaging Support Engineer/Trainer

Joseph Sam is an Imaging Engineer with 15 years of field service and support experience in the Diagnostic Imaging industry. With a background in United States Navy electronics, his attention to detail is evident. He specializes in Siemens MRI/CT with extensive knowledge in multi-vendor systems as well. Joe has provided onsite service and support for customers throughout the United States. Throughout his career, he has provided colleagues with on the job training and system support.


Mike Larson – Portable X-Ray & Mobile C-Arm Trainer at Technical Prospects

Mike’s career with Siemens began in December of 1988. After 3 years as a Field Service Engineer, he joined the National Installation Team. For the next 10 years, he installed every X-Ray and R/F system in the catalog. In addition, Mike also worked on Angio/Cath and CT installations. In 2002, Mike left Siemens as a Level 4 Engineer. Mike performed multi-vendor service for the 10 years following his career at Siemens. With 30 years of experience, Mike joined the Technical Prospects team in 2013.