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Medical Imaging Insights

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An Open Letter From Our CEO to Medical Imaging Professionals

Field service technicians and engineers who work on medical imaging systems need to have a lot of information stored inside their heads. Any time you can get a little helpful advice or learn about an easier way to accomplish a task, you’re saving some brain power.



Tech Tip Tuesdays

In this tip, Kevin is going to show how you would access the logical attachment function on Siemens RF room service menu so you can connect with detector on your Siemens RF equipment.

Tech Tip Tuesdays

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Our experienced support team is the key

Every question you have is approached by an experienced staff member who knows Siemens medical imaging equipment top to bottom.

Meet our support team.

Sam Darweesh

Sam Darweesh

Senior Imaging Engineer

<p>Joseph Sam</p>
<p>Imaging Support Engineer/Trainer</p>

Joseph Sam

Imaging Support Engineer/Trainer

<p>Mike Larson</p>
<p>Imaging Support Engineer/Trainer</p>

Mike Larson

Imaging Support Engineer/Trainer

<p>Kevin Brinkman</p>
<p>Sr. Director of Engineering</p>

Kevin Brinkman

Sr. Director of Engineering