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The Technical Prospects parts team is meticulous. When a part arrives, it’s immediately put into “parts harvest staging,” which prepares it to be added to our inventory. Every detail is checked, and it’s broken down, striped, repainted, mechanically repaired, or whatever is required to ensure integrity for our customers. Then, it’s retested for quality assurance.

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Inventory is easily accessible. That means our service reps can instantly access a part’s number and full history using our ERP system. Need assistance in finding the right part to keep your system working? Our Business Development and Customer Service teams are available 24/7/365.

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Meet our parts team

<p>Steve Green</p>
<p>Vice President of Sales</p>

Steve Green

Vice President of Sales

<p>John Vandersteen</p>
<p>Director of Customer Relationships & International Sales</p>

John Vandersteen

Director of Customer Relationships & International Sales

<p>John Ament</p>
<p>Senior Sales Representative – West</p>

John Ament

Senior Sales Representative – West

<p>Sara Crescini</p>
<p>Inside Sales Representative – West</p>

Sara Crescini

Inside Sales Representative – West