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The Usual Suspects: 21 Siemens Medical Imaging Parts that Require Frequent Replacement

Get explanations about why parts fail, discover important preventive maintenance tips, and find out how to save when you need to repair medical imaging devices.



Repair Tips and Tricks

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Decrease downtime. Improve quality. Save 30-90% off OEM parts.

We’ve been where you are, facing the challenges you do each day. Our takeaways: uptime is critical, quality is non-negotiable, and part are typically expensive.

That’s why our 40,000+ pre-owned, refurbished, and new Siemens medical imaging equipment parts are not only quality-tested and quality-assured, they’re competitively priced.

Over 650 parts are ready for immediate shipping and include shipment confirmations. Technical Prospects’ single OEM focus (Siemens) and proven processes create reliable parts performance that’s backed by dedicated customer service.

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Nate Drowne

Senior Sales Representative – East

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John Ament

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John W. Vandersteen

Director of Customer Relationships & International Sales

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Rebecca Mleziva

Inside Sales Representative – East

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Sara Herzfeldt

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