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3794505 3794505 Keyboard
3794547 3794547 POTI-MODUL
3794554 3794554 Image System 072
401003674 401003674 Injector Bottle Warmer
4661666 4661666 MOUSE
6207059 6207059 ROTANX Single Tank MCT 141, X Ray Tube
6269240 6269240 D27 Control Board
7206089 7206089 Wire Phantom
7206121 7206121 Slice Thickness Phantom E for SF6
8155012 8155012 Phantom Holder
8784167 8784167 Carbon Fiber Head Support
9765215 9765215 D33 LIBA Bd.

Medical Imaging Insights

The Impact of AR and VR on Medical Imaging Training, Service, and Support

We live during strange and exciting times in which the digital world and real world are colliding. The rapid pace of technological change can sometimes be mind boggling and predicting its ultimate impact on our daily lives can be challenging for even the most skilled futurists. Many fields are being impacted by what’s often referred to as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 (I4), or...


AR and VR in medical imaging

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