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3794505 3794505 Keyboard
3794547 3794547 POTI-MODUL
3794554 3794554 Image System 072
401003674 401003674 Injector Bottle Warmer
4661666 4661666 MOUSE
6207059 6207059 ROTANX Single Tank MCT 141, X Ray Tube
6269240 6269240 D27 Control Board
7206089 7206089 Wire Phantom
7206121 7206121 Slice Thickness Phantom E for SF6
8155012 8155012 Phantom Holder
8784167 8784167 Carbon Fiber Head Support
9765215 9765215 D33 LIBA Bd.

Medical Imaging Insights

Here Comes the Boom: Preparing for the Surge in Medical Equipment Maintenance

Based on data gathered prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, a 2020 P & S Market Research report predicted the U.S. medical equipment maintenance market could anticipate a CAGR of 9.2% over the next 10 years. This growth was expected to be driven by advancements in the medical device industry, rising awareness of preventive medical equipment maintenance, and the presence of a stringent regulatory environment....


Medical Imaging Market Expexts Boom - Service Your Equipment

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