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10049274 10049274 Basic Computer FSC R630
10092641 10092641 Multileaf Collimator N Artis ll, Rotation
10546639 10546639 N CUTOUT 8A 400VAC 2pol.Car.C
3027406 3027406 Fuse 5A SB
3069861 3069861 Time Relay Adjust. 24/230V 3A 50-60
3079308 3079308 Auxiliary Contact Block
3084852 3084852 17" CRT Monitor
4689501 4689501 Fuse 35A 500V SB
4775792 4775792 Data Display DDIS
6GF62212CA11 6GF62212CA11 Monochrome Monitor 18" DSB 1803DC
6GF62212CA12 6GF62212CA12 Monochrome Monitor 18" DSB 1803DC
6GF62212CA14 6GF62212CA14 Monochrome Monitor 18" DSB 1804DC
7553253 7553253 Color Display 17" for DCS
7728657 7728657 Monochrome Display DSB1803DC

Medical Imaging Insights

The Impact of AR and VR on Medical Imaging Training, Service, and Support

We live during strange and exciting times in which the digital world and real world are colliding. The rapid pace of technological change can sometimes be mind boggling and predicting its ultimate impact on our daily lives can be challenging for even the most skilled futurists. Many fields are being impacted by what’s often referred to as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 (I4), or...


AR and VR in medical imaging

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