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Weekly Siemens Medical Imaging Tech Tip

Protecting Your CT Data Ring

In this tip Kevin covers a simple way to protect your Siemens CT data ring using the snap on plastic protectors that come with each system. A simple step that takes a few seconds but can save you from severe damage to the data ring.

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Siemens Definition CT Training

January 2020

Upon completion of this training course, students will;

  • Understand terms & symbols used by Siemens
  • Identify, configure, troubleshoot and diagnose components of the Definition AS;
  • Understand terms & symbols used by Siemens
    • Gantry and Table systems
    • Power Distribution
    • Water and Air Cooling systems
    • Image Control and Reconstruction system
  • Understand the relationships and interactions of all system components
  • Successfully interact with and navigate the system’s Syngo software interface
  • Perform configuration and adjustments via service software
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose system problems based upon error codes
  • Review and perform the recommended bi-annual Preventative Maintenance procedures

Course Details:

Technical Prospects’ Definition AS Training course includes the following;

Lectures and discussions consisting of;

  • Terminology, signals and signal paths
  • Functions of individual boards and components
  • Location, identification and function of all major subcomponents
  • LED location and identification
  • Error code location and identification for each of the primary system components

Laboratory exercises consisting of;

  • Hands-on experiences providing in-depth understanding and knowledge of system components
  • Detailed instruction and opportunity to interact with the Syngo software interface
  • Exposure to accessing the system event log
  • Perform a full system Tune-up and OEM recommended Preventative Maintenance procedures

Course grading consists of;

  • There will be a course covering final exam administered the final day of the course. Consistent course attendance and final exam must be completed to receive a course completion certificate.