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Our technical support team has your back. If you have an issue, question, concern, or emergency, contact our staff for support. These people have been in your shoes. They understand not only the equipment, but the stress you’re feeling.

If you want to dig deeper, you can always contact our Business Development and Customer Service team 24/7/365.

Accessing syngo CT Tube History

In this tip, we cover a way to access your CT tube history within Siemens syngo software. This will be useful when looking back to see the event history over the lifespan of the system including tube issues, changes, etc.

Attend any of Technical Prospects CT system training courses including the Definition, Perspective, Scope, Sensation or Emotion systems and earn a significant 45 AAMI CEUs while gaining the knowledge and skills to service the Siemens CT systems properly.

Check out our training webpage and request more info on attending one of our courses either in-person or through the Interactive Virtual Training Academy (IVTA). The words “virtual” and “online” courses are overused these days, this is truly an interactive training experience with live participation and no prerecorded content. IVTA is a true extension of the classroom, learn more below:

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Checking for Leaks in MRI Room

In this tip, Joe covers where and how to check for leaks to your water cooled components in your MRI equipment room. This is important when doing any PM or maintenance on the system to catch leak issues before they cause major issues.

Earn 45 AAMI CEUs when taking our MRI training course either in-person or through our Interactive Virtual Training Academy! Learn more…

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A wonderful tip from Technical Prospects on certain generator problems on your Siemens Ysio & Agile systems.

Want to learn the ins and outs of servicing Siemens medical imaging systems? Technical Prospects accredited training program offers 45 CEUs for Siemens system training and can be taught in-person or through our Interactive Virtual Training Academy (IVTA).

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Position Check on Siemens Ysio

In this tip, Rick covers how to determine if you have a good encoder using position check on the Siemens Ysio system.

Rick and our other National Technical Support Engineers are instructing our Ysio system training course throughout 2021. This course can be taken in-person at our facility or through our Interactive Virtual Training Academy giving you the same experience without having to travel! Either way, upon completion you also earn 45 AAMI CEUs! Learn more…

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