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Our technical support team has your back. If you have an issue, question, concern, or emergency, contact our staff for support. These people have been in your shoes. They understand not only the equipment, but the stress you’re feeling.

If you want to dig deeper, you can always contact our Business Development and Customer Service team 24/7/365.

Systems Phantom Check on MRI Systems

In this tip Joe covers the Systems Phantom Check on your MRI systems, what to look for and what not to do when time to replace. An important step when performing PM on your MRI systems.

Interested in getting hands on MRI training from some of the most experienced Siemens trainers in the field? Check out our Espree/Avanto MRI training course, which can be tailored to your experience and needs!

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Checking Connector Pins on MRI Coils

In this tip, our engineer and trainer Joe Sam covers an important PM check on the connector pins for MRI coils when servicing your MRI system.

Servicing Siemens MRI Training Courses available for 2020! Learn more and Register today!

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Preventative Maintenance Checks on Power Distribution Fans

In this tip, Joe Sam, our Technical Engineer and Imaging Trainer, is here to talk about an important PM check when servicing CT system. Checking and cleaning the power distribution fans is important as over time they can build up and create issues.

Want to learn first hand from Joe Sam on servicing your Siemens CT systems? Come join us for one of our remaining 2020 Siemens CT Training Courses! We have taken all the steps to ensure a safe training experience in 2020. Rest assured your experience will be state-of-the-art!

This is what a student had to say about Joe’s most recent training class last week, “Class was great and we will be looking at future classes. Thanks!” – Student training class completion survey

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After Hours Technical Support

In this tip today Matt discusses an important asset to your medical imaging needs, our after hours technical support. Not everyone is aware what to do when the 8-5 businesses close, well we are still available so give us a call!

When you need to get a hold of Technical Prospects after hours, utilize the options on our contact us page.

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