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Our technical support team has your back. If you have an issue, question, concern, or emergency, contact our staff for support. These people have been in your shoes. They understand not only the equipment, but the stress you’re feeling.

If you want to dig deeper, you can always contact our Business Development and Customer Service team 24/7/365.

Checking for Leaks in MRI Room

In this tip, Joe covers where and how to check for leaks to your water cooled components in your MRI equipment room. This is important when doing any PM or maintenance on the system to catch leak issues before they cause major issues.

Looking for additional Tech Tips on MRI as well as other modalities? Be sure to view our entire Tech Tip video library and search/filter based on your needs. Have a tip you want to see added? Let us know below:

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AAMI Certified Training Courses

Is all imaging service training equal? How can you trust that the training you sign-up for will empower you to truly be comfortable servicing some of the most complex imaging systems in the world?

Technical Prospects has brought the most knowledgeable and experienced imaging professionals with decades of experience to our team and they are ready to pass their experience onto other engineers! Our trainers and courses have been vetted by AAMI to ensure our program meets the highest standards in the industry. On top of that you will earn 45+ ACI-CEUs upon completion towards AAMI certification.

Get started by downloading our 2022 training course schedule:

Not seeing the system or the style of training your organization needs? Reach out to us to discuss our corporate and custom training solutions including our Biomed to Imaging Training Academy! -

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