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Our technical support team has your back. If you have an issue, question, concern, or emergency, contact our staff for support. These people have been in your shoes. They understand not only the equipment, but the stress you’re feeling.

If you want to dig deeper, you can always contact our Business Development and Customer Service team 24/7/365.

After Hours Technical Support

In this tip today Matt discusses an important asset to your medical imaging needs, our after hours technical support. Not everyone is aware what to do when the 8-5 businesses close, well we are still available so give us a call!

When you need to get a hold of Technical Prospects after hours, utilize the options on our contact us page.

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MRI Magnet Pressure Gauge

In this tip, Joe covers what to check for on your MRI magnet pressure gauge when performing a PM on your MRI system. During each PM interval you need to make sure your magnet pressure gauge reads a certain level, otherwise you will need to do some troubleshooting for issues.

Need to get out and travel later this summer? Look to take your MRI skills to a new level with our new Siemens MRI Espree training course! Over 80% hands-on equipment time in our new state-of-the-art MRI training bay, with course instructed by former Siemens engineers. Sign-up today and come join us!

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Siemens Definition CT Tube Identification

In this tip, Matt covers the key things to look for when identifying what type of tube you require on your Siemens Definition system. The Definition family of CT’s do not all use the same style tube so there are a few key things to look for when replacing to make sure you get the right one.

Be sure to check out our Siemens Definition CT parts listings. You can request a quote for at tube or any Siemens imaging part directly through our website part listing!

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Siemens Part Identification

In this video, Matt helps to show proper Siemens imaging part number identification. These is very important when looking to replace a part with Technical Prospects. Proper part identification ensures you get the correct part and reduces the downtime of your system!

Use our online parts search tool to find your part and request an instant quote on any of our over 40,000 in-stock quality-tested Siemens imaging parts!

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Siemens syngo WLAN Settings

In this tip, Kevin covers the WLAN settings feature within Siemens syngo software. Need help understanding Siemens syngo software? Consider enrolling in our Intro to Siemens syngo online training course.

In fact, enroll by July 1st, 2020 and save 15% off one enrollment or 20% off 2 or more enrollments in our online training courses!

Have questions about this tip or any of our other Tech Tips? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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