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Our technical support team has your back. If you have an issue, question, concern, or emergency, contact our staff for support. These people have been in your shoes. They understand not only the equipment, but the stress you’re feeling.

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Getting to Know Your CAT!

Our very own National Engineering Lead/Chairman of Engineering, Sam Darweesh, recently presented a webinar with Technation. “Getting to Know Your CAT! An Engineering Overview of Computed Tomography Principles” gives engineers a look into the basic understanding of CT imaging. Please view the webinar below:

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Definition Family CT Steel Covers

In this tip Joe discusses the steel covers on the Definition family of CT systems from Siemens. The importance of checking torque values when replacing the covers after service can save your system from major issues!

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S301 Switch for CT Gantry

There have been some imitators promoting Tech Tip Tuesday’s recently but the originators are continuing to bring you Tech Tip Tuesday’s with another Joe Sam Tech Tip today on the switch S301 in your Siemens rotating gantry. Check it out!

Now is the time to get hands-on Siemens CT training with our “21 Will Be More Fun” Training promotion! All CT classes now until the end of 2020 are 21% OFF! Why 21% off you ask? We all have had more than enough 2020 and we are looking forward to great things in 2021!

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Systems Phantom Check on MRI Systems

In this tip Joe covers the Systems Phantom Check on your MRI systems, what to look for and what not to do when time to replace. An important step when performing PM on your MRI systems.

Interested in getting hands on MRI training from some of the most experienced Siemens trainers in the field? Check out our Espree/Avanto MRI training course, which can be tailored to your experience and needs!

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