Top 12 Tech Tip Videos of 2019

Posted December 17, 2019 by Andy Kluck

In honor of another wonderful year we wanted to thank everyone that has viewed our Tech Tip videos throughout 2019. With the holiday season here, we thought fitting to share with you the 12 Tech Tips of Christmas with the most watched Tech Tip videos from 2019 in one place to recap all we have published. Don’t worry there will be many more Tech Tips coming in 2020 so stay tuned for those!

Starting with the 12th to the number 1 most watched Tech Tip video in 2019:

12) Shutting Off Power to the Gantry

11) Uncontrolled Mode

10) Troubleshooting Monitors

9) Park Position for the Overhead Tube Assembly

8) Adjusting Near Focus Blades on Collimators

7) Troubleshooting Detector Power Supply Module

6) Changing the Time in Siemens X-Ray Products

And now for the top 5 Tech Tip videos of 2019!

5) Removing Front Cover on Definition CT Scanners

4) Configuring the DAP Chamber

3) Accessing Siemens Syngo Service with No Password

2) Changing the Coronal Disks

And the number 1 most watched video of 2019 is Light to Field Adjustment on Current Siemens X-Ray Systems!

Again thank you to everyone that watched our tech tip videos this past year and we hope you look forward to more great content coming your way in 2020. If you have ideas for new tech tips you want to see, head to our contact us page and let us know!