How to Use HV Dummy Plugs for Troubleshooting Siemens CT Systems

Posted June 05, 2019 by Jeremy Probst

You’re called to check out a Siemens CT system that’s having issues and you know you most likely need to order a replacement part, but you’re not sure what you really need.

An excellent tool to have on hand is a set of high voltage (HV) dummy plugs. These plugs isolate the problem in the generator circuit so engineers can identify which section of the CT system may need replacing.

For example, let’s say the tube log on a Siemens Sensation has been recording arcing errors for the past several days. The dummy plugs can be inserted into the system’s HV tank in place of the X-ray tubes to help determine whether it’s the tube assembly or generator assembly causing the issue. Inside the generator assembly, issues could stem from the HV tank, the electronics box (E-box), or a component in the E-box. Log into the system’s service platform to get more information

HV dummy plugs replicate the X-ray tube filament so that the system thinks that the tube is still installed, allowing you to safely and accurately diagnose problems. Watch the video below to find out more about how this works.

Without using HV dummy plugs, you could order all possible CT system replacement parts, but this could get expensive and create unnecessary work. Or, you could make your best guess at which part needs to be replaced. The risk you take with that move is that, if you guess incorrectly, you’ll extend system downtime while you wait for the correct part to arrive.

Using HV dummy plugs when troubleshooting CT problems ensures you order the right replacement part the first time. Keep in mind, however, that different Siemens systems use different types of dummy plugs.

Check out the Tech Tip video below to learn which plugs you should order for Siemens Sensation, Emotion, and Definition platforms. Then view a list of dummy plug products now available through Technical Prospects.

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