An Open Letter From Our CEO to Medical Imaging Professionals

Posted April 02, 2020 by Jeremy Probst

Dear Medical Imaging Professionals,

We want to thank you for the vital work you do.

Many hospitals are overwhelmed due to COVID-19, and CT is playing a major role in helping diagnose Coronavirus in patients.

I recently read a study in the medical journal Radiology suggesting CT should be used as the primary screening tool for COVID-19 because chest CT imaging may support more efficient diagnoses that can lead to more effective treatment.

In settings where this recommendation is followed, imaging equipment may experience even more use than normal. As you do your part to keep this vital equipment up and running, the team at Technical Prospects remains dedicated to supporting your efforts in any way we can.

Here are a few key signs you can keep an eye out for in the weeks ahead:

Warning messages

Persistent warning or error messages are a clear indicator that service on your equipment is needed. Computer problems or errors are another indicator that your Siemens CT system needs help. If you receive any warning messages, contact Technical Prospects, and our trained support team can walk you through the issue and advise on the steps to take to address it quickly and free of charge.

Audible signs

A scraping or humming sound when the anode rotates, or if an anode continues to spin after a scan finishes, could be signs of needing a tube replacement. If you hear this activity from your Siemens equipment, contact Technical Prospects. We’ll get the correct replacement tube delivered to you quickly, and our Technical Support team can help walk you through the installation, if needed.

Spare parts

During this critical time, every minute counts, so having spare Siemens CT parts on hand will eliminate some downtime should a part need to be replaced. If ordering extra parts isn’t possible, know that Technical Prospects is here to help in a bind, and we’ll get you whatever replacement part you need as quickly as possible.

Speed dial

Stalling operations during a pandemic is not an option, and we want you to know that we have your back. To be prepared for an unexpected part installation, make sure you and your team are up-to-speed on common installation procedures. Because your equipment might be seeing more use than usual, you might need more frequent system maintenance. We’re here to answer any questions, refresh your team on installation steps, and provide support for any of your Siemens imaging equipment, 24/7.

Thanks again for your role in helping diagnose and care for the health of those in need. Stay safe and healthy.


Jeremy Probst

President and CEO, Technical Prospects