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There’s a good reason we focus on the best OEM—Siemens medical imaging equipment replacement parts, training, and support: our customers. We know we can provide our customers with numerous, valuable benefits:

  • High-quality, tested parts as good as (or better) than what you can get from the OEM.
  • OEM replacement parts at 30% less than the manufacturer’s price.
  • Pre-owned tested and repaired parts at up to 90% less than the OEM.

And, that’s just parts! Technical Prospects is committed to helping you increase your repair capabilities as well as standing ready to troubleshoot your questions whenever you need us. It all comes down to quality; we deliver it because you demand it.

Keeping you on the cutting edge

You’re going to love our ERP. After we installed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system, customers took note. They now get information nearly instantly: what parts are available at all times, quick quotes, and full traceability and accountability of all parts and orders.

This streamlined process provides better management across all company aspects: quality, inventory and shipping, sales process, and accounting. This infrastructure backbone allows Technical Prospects to grow as our customers grow.