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When a critical part isn't available due to shortages, extended downtime could lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

here's how
To save money you maintain a lean parts inventory A critical scanner part fails That particular part isn't available anywhere due to shortages
This leads to downtime Waiting for another part to arrive could cost you days, or even weeks The average price of a CT scan is $1,700 So, if you planned to scan even one patient per hour, that missing part could cost you over $100k in scan revenue as you wait a week or more for it to arrive.
Further impact If that missing part causes patient appointments to be cancelled They may go elsewhere That could result in even more lost revenue if they continue seeing another provider

Get ahead with the parts you need before you need them

When you build your internal inventory of medical imaging parts, there’s more at stake than the numbers on the price tags. You need dependable parts you can trust. We conduct functional testing to ensure high-quality replacement parts and an extremely low probability of DOA. Plus, we can help you identify which parts are most likely to fail on your systems. We also provide expert field service and 24/7 technical support to save you money, time, and headaches.

Invest in a preemptive parts inventory today and avoid the high cost of shortages later.

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