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Siemens Portable X-Ray

siemens x-ray mobilett mira

Siemens Portable X-Ray:

• Siemens Mobilett
• Siemens Mobilett Plus
• Siemens Mobilett Plus HP
• Siemens Mobilett XP Hybrid
• Siemens Mobilett XP Digital
• Siemens Mobilett Mira

Technical Prospects is buying your Siemens Imaging Equipment:

Technical Prospects is the largest buyer of Siemens Medical Portable X-Ray systems in the world. Our company is committed to buy Siemens Portable X-Ray systems from functioning locations whether that be a hospital, clinic, outpatient center or where ever the scanner is in use.  We pride ourselves on high quality replacement Siemens Portable (mobilett) X-Ray parts.  Technical Prospects is the only company in the world that is dedicated to Siemens Imaging Parts.

Sell Equipment

Technical Prospects buys your Siemens Imaging Equipment, whether it be a replacement, off lease, or decommissioning we are interested.  Contact us now...

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OEM CT Brushes

Technical Prospects offers Siemens OEM CT brushes for all Siemens CT Scanners and Water cooled Philips CT's. Siemens Sensation Brushes, Siemens Emotion Brushes, Siemens Volume Zoom brushes. Contact us for more info..

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Refurbished Parts

Siemens Siemens Foot Switchs, Siemens Control Consoles, Siemens Circuit Boards, Siemens Hand-switches, Siemens Touchscreens, Siemens Collimators, Siemens Inverters and much more..

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Parts Request

Request a part and get instant response on in stock parts for your Siemens Imaging Equipment. We stock all Siemens CT, Siemens X-Ray, Siemens Portable, Siemens Cath and Siemens Angio, R&F and remote room parts.

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